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DUCE – The Songwriter

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia
Country: Canada
Genres: Mixed/Multiple
Website: www.ducethesongwriter.com

Business: Neece Records Publishing (Socan and Ascap)



Gary Dussiaume is better known as: "DUCE - The Songwriter". DUCE writes original songs in genres ranging from Pop/Rock/Ballad/Soft Rock/New Country/Instrumentals and Singer/Songwriter. DUCE then single-handedly records, arranges, produces, mixes and masters his musical creations in his fully-equipped, state-of-the-art studio.

"Song writing is Duce’s way of expressing what's in his heart, mind, and soul! … For DUCE song writing is a 'reflex', not a choice!"

DUCE's song writing specialty is 'lyrics'. He is able to capture in lyrical form, the emotions that one encounters in life. His songs always capture one particular 'frozen moment' in time. It just happens to be couched in melody and rhyme.

DUCE believes that intimacy and relevance are essential between the listener and the songwriter. That is why people identify with DUCE's music - no matter who sings it! DUCE's goal is to have the listener caressed by the music, then motivated by the words to call upon experiences, feelings and imagination in order to make the song their own.

DUCE has been successful at:

 1. Licensing his original songs and compositions to: singers/artists, music producers, record labels, film and television, and music publishers.

2. Releasing and Selling singles and albums.

3. Being a ‘songwriter/producer/arranger/composer/and lyricist’.

DUCE - The Songwriter

INSTRUMENTATION: Guitars + Bass + Keyboards + Vocals. Full Studio: PC-based DAW recording/producing specialist.



 - International publishing deal with PEERMUSIC

 - Licensing deal on the AXE record label

 - International publishing deal with NEECE RECORDS PUBLISHING

 - Licensing deal on the NEECE RECORDS label

 - CBC Telefest Short Films

 - Original musical theatre creator of TaKaru – The Pop Musical (libretto, music and lyrics) performed by the LEP Theatre Companies

 - Various music and songs for commercials and jingles as well as film and television

 - Various soundscapes for websites, short films and theatrical productions

 - National and International Touring

 - Gary (DUCE) Dussiaume NOW owns Neece Records Publishing (SOCAN) (ASCAP).

Although DUCE considers himself a songwriter; a "tunesmith", he is in fact a quadruple threat: He is a multi-talented instrumentalist + A trained vocalist and front-man + A sought-after producer/arranger + A PC-based DAW recording specialist. In fact, his last album, 'TaKaru' was entirely composed on a DAW! And he also writes his songs in both English and French.

He has performed both as a solo artist and as a front-man for several groups. He has toured and performed in many parts of Canada and Europe, including France (Nice, the French Riviera and Paris), Corsica, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


 "I just love your music! Great songs! These are some of the best lyrics I have ever heard!"

 "The DUCE experience is musically and lyrically intense."

 Neil Strauss, Author and Rolling Stone Magazine (Rock Critic) and The New York Times (Journalist). 

 "Duce's music takes a musical look beyond the stars into a future we can only hope for! A once-in-a-lifetime, unique and memorable musical experience! Gary Dussiaume's music is way ahead of its time!"

 "Where most pop music scratches the surface, the music of DUCE touches the soul!"

 "The DUCE experience is unique in today's music scene."

 Robert Perreault, CJMX Radio. 

 "Truly versatile music, from mainstrem pop and rock to country to rap-reggae. Something for everyone."

 Desmond Maley, The Star 

 "TaKaru (the play and the album) is well worth seeing and listening to! An unprecedented musical look at utopia. Gary (DUCE) Dussiaume tackles some vast themes in his music - the paradoxes of paradise, creation, human relationships, love lost, love found, love missed - with great success. 'A living video!' Watching and listening to TaKaru is entirely a joy! Visually - an enchanting spectacle! Your eyes cannot believe what you are hearing! DUCE demonstrates a most impressive skill as a song-writer!"

Sean Farnel, The Star 

 "DUCE is a veritable musical spectacle! A dream come true! A must hear! His performance works are sold-out every night for a very good reason ... his music is inspirational!" "A truly brilliant lyricist!"

 Keith Lacey, Northern Life 

 "We know what DUCE is writing about! Do you??? His lyrics are sometimes sexy and sensual ... but you gotta really pay attention. Very intense and personal moments of love and even lust. Absolutely original! DUCE is 'Something Else'!"

 Simone Natala, Jack Frost Publications, New York 

 "DUCE creates brave new music for a brave new world!"

 Gord McCall, Artistic Director 

"DUCE is a true musical extravaganza! A truly unique catalogue of music! Radio-ready songs! Absolutely awesome is DUCE! Each song is a story unto itself!"

 Rick Malo and Bill James, CHNO Radio


 "DUCE has the uncanny musical ability to distill a moment and make it a song."

 Ronald Arnold, The Times Publications, UK 

 "Wow Duce! I sent you a cheapo demo cassette with basic chord progressions, melody and lyric ... AND you created U.S. Lady! WOW! You're a genius! Thank you!"

 Joseph Dioguardi (ASCAP), PRR Communications (ASCAP).



 What's The Best Way?

 I Love Your Eyes

 Here Comes The Rush

 You're Something Else

 U.S. Lady

 Wings On The Heart

 Frozen Moments

 Pour Le Moment (French)

 Des Ailes Sur Le Coeur (French)

 Comme Un Reve (French)

 TaKaru - The Pop Rock Opera (Album)