1. We Carry On
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The song is about:
“No matter what! … In the year of the snake, Love is a battlefield! No matter what! … Carry On!”



Simple answers don’t exist
For what we seek to know.
And blood exists -
Where love resists -
When the winds of change, they blow.
Eye to eye
And tooth for tooth,
We love until we fight.
Born to love.
Love to die –
Still carry on, tonight.

No one calls the tune -
But the man who paid the piper.
The angel we call love –
Is revealed to be a viper.

Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)

Maybe not today,
Perhaps, not tomorrow.
Love fears like the thief –
The debt outweighs the sorrow.
Ride with fortunes -
Commit the perfect crime.
Chalk it up to wisdom -
Then try to make it rhyme.
I know that every dog
Must answer for his crime.
And after judge and jury -
A thief must do his time.

Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)
Carry On (Carry On)

The battle all but ended -
The two sides standing right.
Neither to surrender,
Neither flag is white.
Both sides staring longingly -
The future is the past.
The thief, he creeps in silently …
You know who finished … last!

Words and Music by: Gary Dussiaume (SOCAN)
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